Achieving different patterns with carpet

Achieving different patterns with carpet

Most homeowners believe that carpet in Gulf Breeze, FL, doesn’t offer options for customization or specific décor matching. But the truth is, you can achieve a wealth of patterns with these products by researching all they have to offer.

The more you know about the available materials in this product line, the better décor match you can have when you finally purchase flooring. Here’s what you should know as you begin to shop.

Each flooring is different

This flooring line offers various fibers, each offering specific characteristics, including impressive patterns to fit any décor scheme. For instance, Frieze provides a plush, long carpet fiber perfect for private spaces, while the low, looped pile of Berber carpeting is ideal for busy living rooms.

Loop and cut pile create different patterns, as loop piles aren’t sheared the way cut pile products are cut. Browse all your favorite brand names and see how each fiber is different and how their benefits can meet your needs.

Patterns from different fiber heights

Different fiber heights can create an amazing, textured surface pattern with intricate designs, even in solid-color carpeting. These are perfect for areas where you want to make a statement with carpet flooring but also need a neutral or solid color for your décor scheme.

Different fiber heights aren't all the same, as each product offers something different for your satisfaction. Wool fibers may stand differently than nylon or olefin, so the patterns will differ slightly as well, especially in high-traffic areas.

Patterns for durability

Did you know that certain patterns can also maintain the integrity of your flooring? Nylon is a great all-around flooring fiber offering beautiful patterns, including color, texture, and protection.

Some of these options help keep dirt, debris, and allergens from settling on the carpet surface and becoming ground in, where they can create foul odors. To learn more about these personalizations, visit our carpet store at your convenience.

Our carpet store has the perfect flooring for your needs

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