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Here’s why carpet makes as much sense as every other flooring

For those who have modern carpet in place in their homes, you'll find they're not likely to accept a change to another material. That's because today's carpet offers everything you might want or need in a floor covering.

You’ll get the same stunning softness and comfort, the same great color and pattern choices, and the same great lifespan. But what’s been added over the years could be the determining factor for your own home. Come and see the added extras and how they might affect your own home.

Carpet could be your forever-flooring

To make the very best decision on your flooring, consider all the options, both old and new, of this great floor covering. Of course, we’ve already mentioned the comfort and color, but that’s just the beginning. Now, you can take advantage of some of the best stain protection in the industry, without having to apply a single chemical additive.

With stain protection built into the fibers of this flooring, stains are not able to seep in to create permanent stains, which make the floors much easier to clean when the time comes. Since there’s no soaking in of liquids either, foul odors will all but be alleviated as well, leaving you with a gorgeous, fresh-smelling home.

Consider, as well, the wonderful addition of heat retention for chilly mornings, noise reduction for busy households, and even hypoallergenic fibers for those allergy sufferers in your home. Overall, it’s hard to make a better decision for many spaces.

No matter what options you choose in the flooring itself, be sure to ask the associates at your carpet flooring store about high-quality professional carpet installation. It’s a decision you won’t regret making and great protection for your investment.

Find your carpet in our showroom

At Gene's Floor Covering, you’ll find an excellent variety of floor coverings, suited to every need homeowners have. Not all carpets are the same so that every variety of homeowner gets their variety of floor covering. It's important to meet specific needs, and we strive for that.

If you live in the communities of Pensacola, Gulf Breeze, Pace, Milton, or Crestview, FL, we invite you to stop by either of our showrooms, located in Pensacola and Gulf Breeze, FL.There, you’ll find helpful associates who truly dedicate themselves to your overall flooring satisfaction. Visit us at your convenience.