Ceramic vs. porcelain tile, what's the difference?

Ceramic vs. porcelain tile, what's the difference?

If tile flooring is your choice in your home, you'll be pleased by your decision. Be it a spa-like bathroom or updated kitchen, the options of floor tile are many. You can find your preferences at Genes Floor Covering. Our showroom is in Pensacola, FL.


Ceramic tile is composed of Kaolin clay with feldspar and sand mixed into it. It is shaped and put through a kiln to be heated and harden to the desired density. Ceramic tiles are of a usual shape, and the colors are neutral. However, you can get unique designs to the ceramic and make it stand out. You can also get colored grout to enhance the look of the tile. It isn’t waterproofed until it is glazed. Ceramic is not as hard or dense as porcelain. So it is easier to cut, which may affect how long it takes for the installation to occur.


Porcelain comes from Kaolin clay without impurities. It is still considered a ceramic, though. This is because the temperatures in a kiln for porcelain are hotter than for ceramics. A porcelain tile can stand up to heavy foot traffic and is resistant to scratches and stains. It has many options for colorful designs. It is more costly than ceramic, but your décor options are many. It can even be made to look like wood or stone tiles.

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