Is luxury vinyl flooring easy to scratch?

Is luxury vinyl flooring easy to scratch?

Luxury vinyl is a flooring material that imitates natural materials like stone, wood, and other floor coverings like concrete. All these styles and patterned designs, too, can be found at Gene's Floor Covering.

We provide a large selection of luxury vinyl flooring in Gulf Breeze, FL, and Pensacola, FL. One of the benefits of this floor covering is its incredible scratch resistance.

Wear layer

Luxury vinyl flooring is composed of four layers, and it's the surface layer on the planks and tiles guarantees superior scratch resistance.

The wear layer also protects the image layer from other abrasions and stains, so choosing a style with a thick transparent covering is essential. Luxury vinyl that has a 20-mil+ wear layer lasts 25 years or more.

Be proactive

While luxury vinyl flooring is tough and designed to withstand the rigors of daily activities, it's a good idea to be proactive and keep potential damage to a minimum.

Be sure to apply felt pad protectors to your furniture and heavy electronics, and if you are a fan of stiletto heels, kick them off at the door. Keep pet nails trimmed, and sweep up dirt and debris daily.


Vinyl plank flooring is designed for three installation methods: loose lay, floating floor, and glue-down. Loose-lay flooring butts together to create a semi-permanent floor, while planks and tiles intended to float above the subfloor click and lock together.

As a result, if a mishap occurs and the floor is damaged in a small area, it takes little effort to replace the flooring in that area.

Your area’s premier flooring company

Family-owned Gene's Floor Covering installs luxury vinyl flooring, and to simplify your project; we offer design consultation, too.

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