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Safeguarding your hardwood flooring against moisture damage

Wood flooring in Gulf Breeze, FL, is a fantastic choice for stunning visuals and added value to your home. But we're often asked about avoiding moisture damage in a climate prone to it.

The good news is that you can safeguard against moisture to an excellent extent, keeping your floors looking and performing well through the years.

Acclimate, acclimate, acclimate

Even before installation, you can safeguard your flooring from water damage through the process of acclimation. This service helps your flooring become accustomed to the humidity levels in the home and environment, for less chance of damaged wood floors.

Depending on several factors, the acclimation process can take one to three days. Stormy weather or excessive home humidity can add days to the experience, so schedule with care.

Dehumidify the air

An excess of humidity in your home's air can lead to problems for solid hardwood, including expansion and contraction. If your floors received a professional installation, expansion gaps are included to account for some of this movement.

However, the best way to combat damage caused by humidity is to run a dehumidifier if you know this dampness will be an issue. It's well worth it for wood floors to reach their intended lifespan without risk of damage.

If you have specific questions about moisture, dampness, and humidity, we're here to answer them. Stop by any time to learn more about how you can have the best flooring results available.

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