Stains and carpet flooring: What to know

Stains and carpet flooring: What to know

Most carpet is stain-resistant and low maintenance, so it takes little effort to keep them looking their best.

Gene's Floor Covering carries a wide variety of nylon, triexta, and polyester carpeting in all the trendiest styles and cleaning products designed for this flooring. You can find our customer-friendly carpet store in Pensacola and Gulf Breeze, FL.

Nylon and triexta

Nylon is best known for being abrasion resistant and resilient, while hydrophobic triexta excels at stain resistance. Nylon is treated for stain resistance in the factory, so, like triexta, it does not absorb liquids.

While it's easy to remove stains from triexta, scrubbing with a soft-bristled brush may be necessary to remove the deepest stains from nylon.


Like triexta, polyester carpet is inherently stain resistant. Polyester is also popular because it tends to be less costly than nylon and triexta. In addition, this carpet’s brightly colored fibers have excellent color clarity and a pleasing sheen and are very soft.

Stains, even those that have dried, can be removed by blotting the spot with mild detergent and water.

Pet-friendly carpet brands

Pet accidents are easy to remove when you choose carpet designed for pet owners, and you never need to worry about stains. These tough, highly stain-resistant brands, often made of triexta, are backed by comprehensive pet-friendly warranties.

For example, Mohawk SmartStrand is a pet-proof brand that features a warranty that covers 'All Pets. All Accidents. All The Time.'

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