What is the best room for tile flooring?

What is the best room for tile flooring?

Tile is so versatile that it looks just as great in the living room and hallway as in the kitchen. Many, especially in hot climates, even prefer it for the bedroom so they can step out on something cool in the morning.

It's essential to remember that every tile has different characteristics, making it better for some installations than others; the right or wrong type impacts a remodeling project, so read labels carefully and describe the project to your flooring expert.

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Porcelain: The best for busy, heavily trafficked rooms

Porcelain is made of non-porous clay, sand, and glass and fired at higher temperatures than ceramics. This results in an ultra-tough floor tile that is ideal for busy places like kitchens and entryways. It also has minimal water absorption to be used outside on the deck and patio floors and poolside.

As you’ll see in any tile store, this comes in countless colors, patterns, and designs and can be made to look like anything, including wood and stone. Porcelain can also be used on walls, and tub/shower surrounds.

Ceramics include:

The squares (usually 4 X 4 but can be any size) that we often see on backsplashes, accent walls, and counters. These highly designed, often glazed pieces can be used in indoor, moderately trafficked rooms

Mosaics are the tiny, durable, and often glass-coated pieces so popular for bathroom floors. Terracotta bricks are durable and can be used indoors and out; they are currently trending indoors because of their organic, rustic look.

As you'll see in our tile shop, subway tiles, the formerly white rectangles, now come in all colors, shapes, and sizes. These pieces can be used indoors in low-traffic rooms, such as the bedroom.

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